Minibus Transfer


Welcome, Skyvip Transfer!
Private Transfer offers a transportation experience that combines comfort and safety, making your travels special. We aim to make your travels unforgettable by prioritizing customer satisfaction and your special requests.

Our services:

1. Private Car Rental:
Private Transfer specializes in private car rental. We offer special solutions for your business or private trips with our luxurious and comfortable vehicles. Travel as you wish with our options with or without a driver.

2. Airport Transfer:
When your plane lands, Private Transfer will be waiting for you. Reach your destination comfortably without waiting with our airport transfer service. Feel privileged from the first moment of your trip with special transfer solutions.

3. Special Event Transportation:
Private Transfer is with you on your special days or special events. We transport you to your weddings, business meetings or special occasions with our comfortable and stylish vehicles.

4. Local Transfer:
Choose Private Transfer for your city trips without having to deal with traffic and parking problems. Plan your city transfers quickly, safely and comfortably.

Why Private Transfer?

Privacy and Security: We respect your privacy and keep security at the highest level.

Personalized Service: We make each trip personalized by prioritizing the special demands of our customers.

24/7 Support: We’re here when you need us. A team that you can get support from at any time is waiting for you.

Make your travels special, have a privileged experience with Private Transfer. Contact us and discover our personalized solutions!

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